Sunday, December 16, 2012

On Guns and Teachers *Mature Language*

As a personal time stamp, this post is about the Newtown, CT shootings.

I don't remember his name and I don't plan to, because if I did, he fucking got what he wanted. And fuck him.

Ok, so maybe teachers should be armed, right? 

The mother of the Newtown killer was a teacher trained with a gun, yet she wasn't able to avoid being murdered. We don't know the whole story, yes. Still, the end result was 20 murdered children. Would they still be alive if she didn't own a weapon? Wouldn't the likelihood of school mass murders excel if guns were permitted on school grounds? If someone snaps, would pointing a gun calm them down? What if they didn't stop? Should we teach teachers how to educate children, then teach teachers the moral implications of when and if they should take someone's life?

Train them, sure. But what about those unfortunate moments when trained police officers have shot unarmed people? I've taken a gun training course. They train the safety of shooting. They don't train correct judgement or bad fucking luck.

So if teachers are trained to holy hell and they're allowed to carry a concealed weapon, whoever started a school massacre may be stopped, but they'd still shoot SOMEONE. After killing 6 people—including a kid—with one Glock, Jared Loughner was physically subdued by a number of people. They got the gun away from Loughner and pointed it at him. Someone came out of Safeway with a concealed weapon and pointed his gun too, but not at Loughner—at the guy who got it away from him. He didn't shoot him, thank God. Good fucking luck prevailed that time. But he still had a moment of bad judgement. It just didn't last long enough to turn into bad luck. Forcing and training teachers to wear guns will not prevent murders or clear our conscience of the wrong that has happened. It'll create more opportunities for bad luck. 

Should we have the right to own guns when we are obviously not privileged as a species? Right to bear unlimited/any type of arms? 


Limit it. Limit the shit out of it. One gun and/or hunting rifle per person. Then if you want one, earn it as a stable and sensible human being. And if you DO earn it, police the fuck out of that person—you should be watched. Wanting to own something made ONLY for killing is tantamount to wanting to own a fighter jet or a flame thrower. Oh, and fireworks are banned in my state. 

If your gun is stolen, you should go to jail depending on the precautions you took to store your human killing machine. If it was in a top-of-the line safe which they had to lift out, then fine—100 hours of community service. If they stole it from your desk drawer, then a couple months in a minimum security prison. Not fair? Fuck you. You want to own a killing machine, EARN IT. Earn the privilege to own something that can kill a human being. You want it, earn it.

I understand the sportsmanship of it, the thrill of holding something that could kill you—I own a motorcycle. Still, does a person need an assault rifle? In fact, what the hell is the mother of the baby killer doing with a Sig Sauer .223 semi-automatic rifle? I don't ride around on the world's fastest motorcycle. And there are speed limits. What's the limit on the type of gun or how many bullets one person can own? 

Ok, so you want a gun. You passed the strenuous mental examination and are trained in gun safety. You don't mind being watched forever. You have a gun vault to put it in. You've earned it. That'll be $10,000 for one handgun, $70,000 for a rifle. Yeah, it's that or a Porsche. Hey, it should cost a shit load for a killing machine.

What's so wrong with having guns sell for the price of a car? People will find ways to make what they want. 3D printing has allowed for the opportunity to print working firearms. But when it comes to over-the-counter guns, why should everyone suffer because someone doesn't want to? Will not being able to own a gun kill you?

"Violence begets violence"Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword."Jesus

"I have always found that mercy bears richer fruits than strict justice." Abraham Lincoln

Note: You notice all who I have quoted above has been martyred. If my life is a wasted one, I pray you do not quote me. And let's hope, for my sake, that happens.